The Most Embarrassing Habit Every Sign Has


What is your embarrassing habit based on your zodiac sign?

Everyone has embarrassing habits. What does your zodiac sign say about your embarrassing habits?

1 - Aries - Impulse Buys

Aries would definitely be the person to fall prey to that extra candy bar whenever he or she is at the register. Being the impulsive type, once they see something they want there is nothing that will hold them back from getting it. Bad for their wallet, good for the market.

2 - Taurus - Hoarding

Being frugal to the point of being seen as stingy, a Taurus can take it up a notch with hoarding. Everything serves a use to them. In their minds, what if they need it one day? They do not have the heart to throw anything away if it can be used later on in life. Typically you'll hear them go "But what if I need it?"

3 - Gemini - Forgetting Names

When you talk to a Gemini, it sounds like they have a lot to add to the conversation but then you realize they don't even know your name after spending the past 10 minutes talking to them.

4 - Cancer - Snooping

Capricorns can't help but be suspicious of everyone and everything. Capricorns might secretly read your texts when you are not looking.

5 - Leo - Caught Looking in a Reflection

Nothing is more embarrassing than being caught looking at yourself in the reflection of someone else's glasses and having someone ask "Are you checking yourself out...?" A Leo constantly mirror checks because they have this obsession with their hair, face--you name it.

6 - Virgo - Alphabetizing or Color Coding EVERYTHING

A Virgo has this guilty pleasure of making sure that everything is organized. Sometimes the organization gets a little out of hand when you find them alphabetizing a spice rack or color coding apps on their phone for "fun."

7 - Libra - Indecisive Eater

Libras cannot make up their minds when it comes to most things, especially food. Even if they do decide something, they'll immediately change their minds afterwards! Like Allie from The Notebook would say, "It's not that simple."

8 - Scorpio - Screenshotter

A Scorpio screenshots every text or conversation whenever their petty side comes out. They have this need to always be right and if they have the picture evidence then that'll do it.

9 - Sagittarius - Refuses to Ask for Directions

"We don't need directions. WE HAVE A MAP RIGHT HERE," you can imagine a Sagittarius saying. A Sagittarius is overly confident and always wants to give the impression that he or she is doing it the "right" way.

10 - Capricorn - Bringing Work to a Date

Workaholic. That is all we're saying. A Capricorn is the type of person who cannot leave his or her work at an office. If they have to get it done, they get it done even if it may not be appropriate in the situation.

11 - Aquarius - Always Wearing MISMATCHED Socks

They tend to be inconsistent....even in the way they dress. Often times they'll come out of the house wearing mismatched socks or their hoodies on backwards. Awkwardly enough, you can't tell if they're doing it because they're trying to be eccentric or they are just that aloof.

12 - Pisces - Couch Potato

Since Pisces are so willing to just go with the flow, sometimes they kick it up a notch and just do...nothing. They'll kick back on their couch, eat some good ol' snacks, and watch Netflix all day long if they're feeling lazy enough that day.