The Ideal Career For Every Zodiac Sign

Your Zodiac Sign can tell lots about your personality...but can it go as far as hinting what might be your ideal career path?

1 - Aries - Politician

Born as a natural leader, it is no wonder that an Aries would involve him or herself in politics. If it's anyone who is for the people, it is an Aries because of their genuine concern for others. These individuals are also known for being strong-willed, vibrant, enthusiastic, competitive, and frank--everything that can be found in a true leader.

2 - Taurus - Finance

Grounded and practical, a Taurus is the type of person to look for stability in a career--great benefits, salary, security, vacation--you name it. A Taurus is great with money so a career in banking and finance is the most ideal!

3 - Gemini - Public Relations or Journalism

Relaying information and being able to interact with many different things is ideal for a Gemini since they thrive in fast-paced, stimulating environments. Multi-tasking is their superpower. Considering how easy it is for a Gemini to get bored, it's no surprise that a Gemini would be working public relations or for the news!

4 - Cancer - Social Worker

Acting as the motherly, nurturing figure, Cancer does well in careers that involve nurturing, advice giving, and problem saving. Making a difference in someone's life is important to a Cancer. As the mother of the zodiac, it only makes sense that can handle responsibility with ease as well as solve problems very well.

5 - Leo - CEO

A Leo works best in the spotlight with a job that provides status and power...and what says that better than CEO?! A Leo is not at his or her best at working for a boss. He or she needs to be his/her own boss!

6 - Virgo - The Critic

This perfectionist is detail-oriented in everything that he or she does. Writing is something that actually comes easy to someone as meticulous as a Virgo. Becoming a critic would be the perfect job for a Virgo.

7 - Libra - Diplomat

A Libra is a people person. All about balance, Libras act as great mediators in and outside of work. Cooperative and graceful under pressure, Libras can be great ambassadors. They love working with others. Team spirit is their game.

8 - Scorpio - Psychologist

The Scorpio is all about mystery. They are curious and enjoy learning the inner workings of how all things work. Their intuitive nature makes them excellent for cross-examining and interrogated. Most importantly, their ability to concentrate and focus makes them unafraid to face difficult situations head on.

9 - Sagittarius - Pilot or Tourism

Adventure calls to a Sagittarius in his or her career. There is no way this sign is going to sit behind a desk all day. Routine is not what a Sagittarius wants. A love for travel and being in the outdoors, Sagittarius would definitely suit a career in travel.

10 - Capricorn - IT Department

Capricorns admire hard work, dedication, and ambition. They run a tight ship making sure that everything is to standard and often times being an alcoholic. It is because of this that they feel confident in their ability to take on challenges like in IT.

11 - Aquarius

Corporate environments just do not work for an Aquarius. They need to be "out there" breaking rules, discovering new things, being a visionary--you name it. Any career that lets an Aquarius be his or her own spirit is ideal.

12 - Pisces - The Arts

Professions where an Pisces can delve into emotions freely and express themselves artistically are the most ideal for a Pisces. Having an "old soul" allows them excel in the traditional arts--music, dance photography, art. Creativity and passion are what drive them best.

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