13 Types of People You See On the NYC Subway


There is no way you have taken this subway and have not seen these 13 types of people.

If you've taken the NYC subway, then you have DEFINITELY seen all of these people. There is no doubt about it.

1 - The Seat Snatcher


You're holding onto the pole as the subway is slowly coming to a stop. You see someone from the corner of your eye preparing to get up from their seat and leave the train. As soon as that person gives up their seat, all of a sudden it's a frenzy to get to the finish line. There's always that one person that manages to grab it before you do

2 - Sleeping Beauty


You're sitting on the subway and all of the sudden the person nodding off next to you starts to nod in your direction..and slowly but surely you become their human pillow. You end up wondering to yourself if they just miss their stop or even if you should wake them up or somehow move them.

3 - The Person Who Takes Up Two Seats


There is always that one person who feels their bag deserves special treatment and gets a seat of its own. I'm sorry, when did a bag ever need its own seat?

4 - The One Who Runs For It


There is always that one person who will make a run for the train and jump on at the very last second before the doors close. You can admire their ability to swoop in before all the doors close.




The subway cart becomes the ultimate stage for these underground performers. Doing all sorts of tricks and flips, these street performrs love to fist bump a fellow passenger on the train for extra pizzazz. As soon as you see a group of teenagers walking in with a handheld radio, you know what is about to go down.

6 - The Tourist


Often times you'll see a person or two huddling around the large map posted on the subway. You can easily tell it's a tourist when start confusing subway lines or when you realize they are going uptown when they mean to go downtown.

7 - The One Who Cannot Wait to Get Home to Eat


Some people just cannot wait to get home to eat their meal. Impatient as they come, they decide to eat their ENTIRE meal on the train ride home. The whole train ends up smelling like dinner, and it's no surprise that it makes you hungry too.

8 - The Makeup Artist


Chances are there is always at least one or two girls that you will see applying their makeup on the train. It can be as simple as touching up lipstick to a whole makeup routine. A whole entire makeup routine on the train? Now that takes skill.

9 - The Door Holder


That one person that tries to keep the doors open for his or her friend running for the train. It's because of this person that the train isn't leaving right away, and of course, you would stare them down...

10 - The Pole Hogger


HELLO! There is room for about 10 more hands on that pole...but this person has proceeded to wrap their whole entire body around this pole. Why...

11 - The One Who Leans On the Door


"Do not lean on door" means nothing to these people. Either they cannot read or they just don't care. Either way, you get a laugh out of them when they forget the door behind them is about to open and they're still leaning on it!

12 - Couples with Too Much PDA


There is always that one couple where the lovers are a little too close for a public space. Is it really that hard to wait until you are in the privacy of your own apartments? Or at least wait until you've left public transportation to fondle one another? Everyone knows this couple.

13 - The Obnoxiously Loud People


Now this can go two ways. The first is that it could be someone who plays their music super loud for everyone else to hear on the subway. Heck, you can hear the lyrics to these songs way too clearly. And if that's the case, then you're playing the music too loud. The other type of person is the one who does not know how to have a conversation at a reasonably volume. Nobody wants to hear what you did last week...

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