How Each Sign Would Act If Stranded On An Island

Ever wonder how your sign would act if stranded on an island?

Yikes! Your plane just crashed onto a remote island in the middle of nowhere! You find yourself with 11 other survivors. Do you think your zodiac sign would be able to handle being stranded on an island? How about the other zodiac signs that might be stranded with you? Let's find out.

1 - Aries - The Self-Appointed Leader

No need to fear...Aries is here! You can count on an Aries to take action and seize the day. Who is going to lead this group of helpless, lost zodiac signs? The answer is Aries!

2 - Taurus - "NO SERVICE?!"

All those important meetings and phone calls are going to have to wait. A island in the middle of nowhere is not going to have any service. You'll most likely see a Taurus waving their phone non-stop in the air as they hope to catch that one bar of service.

3 - Gemini - First To Suggest Communicating With Any Natives On The Island

Gemini would give it a shot to try to communicate with any natives that may be inhabiting the island. Although they feel nervous to do it, they are also fascinated with the world itself as well as very curious. Might as well experience everything you can...and if you can do it through the natives' eyes

4 - Cancer - Keepin' It Together

Cancer will try to keep it together. As the extremely sentimental one of the group, they are constantly wondering if they will ever see their loved ones again. All they want is to go back to their family and their home. They can't help but built these feelings up inside.

5 - Leo - The Pilot

Chances are the pilot is a Leo. A Leo would be driven nuts if they cannot be in control of the situation. They would want to make sure that they are the leader of the group since it only makes sense that the pilot is in charge of everyone's safety. If anyone would know what to do in a plane wreck and how to get off the island, a Leo would believe it would have to be him or her who knows how to.

6 - Virgo - The Analytical Gatherer

Someone needs to make order out of the chaos on the island. Someone like...a Virgo! A Virgo would go through the plane wreckage for anything that can be salvaged and proceed to organize whatever they can find by level of usefulness.

7 - Libra - Peacekeeper

There is always that one person that tries to keep everyone else calm when a fight or argument breaks out. And believe us, being stuck with 11 other signs on an island is no picnic. Fights and disagreements are bound to break out and that is when a Libra steps in.

8 - Scorpio - Resourceful

Your island is your tool. Scorpios would become aware of the situation really quick and go straight into solving it. Seeing a Scorpio heading towards the trees? Chances are they're trying to build a raft or some type of shelter. Determined, a Scorpio will use what the island has to make the best out of a stranded situation!

9 - Sagittarius - The Adventurer

Stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere with absolutely no way off? Well...that sounds...LIKE AN ADVENTURE! While the rest of the signs are worrying or freaking out about being stuck on an island, a Sagittarius would take this as an opportunity to explore the island and possibly drag an Aeries or Gemini along!

10 - Capricorn - "We're All Gonna Die"

Nobody could be as dramatic as the Capricorn. Expecting the worst, a Capricorn feels that everyone else needs to embrace the inevitable as seriously as he or she does.

11 - Aquarius - The One Who Looks Out For Everyone

There is no one that can do "humanitarian" better than an Aquarius. They would be the first to make sure everyone is okay after their plane wreck onto the island. Eventually you'll find them picking off exotic fruit that they'll hand out to everyone to make sure no one goes hungry!

12 - Pisces - Denial

"Stranded on an island? I'm FINE...." a Pisces would say, when in reality they are secretly freaking out and trying so hard to draw attention away from themselves. Except...they are not doing such a great job.

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