How Each Sign Deals With Break Ups


Breakups can be devastating...but they can also be no big deal. What does your sign tell about your ability to handle breakups?

What kind of person are you like after a breakup? Check out your sign to see!

1 - Aries - Already Moved On

Aries have been known to get bored easily. They're constantly on the go. A breakup probably wouldn't faze them in the least. Probably the easiest to break up with, or otherwise they're usually the ones initiating the break up.

2 - Taurus - Emotional

Because they are so devoted to their relationships, they may feel scattered and suffer from separation anxiety. Have a tough time moving on at first. Will go through many emotions before finally overcoming it and moving on.

3 - Gemini - Grin & Bear It

Since they are so unpredictable, you never know what a Gemini might do to get over a break up. Reflective of their dual personalities, they may feel one way but show another, such as being hurt, but grinning through it. Gemini will need a good trustworthy friend to decipher their true feelings.

4 - Cancer - Checking Up On The Ex

May start stalking their ex's. They want to know everything their ex is doing post-break up whether it's moving on, having fun, or wallowing as well. You'll often see them checking up on them on their ex's social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

5 - Leo - "I'm FINE"

Because they are so headstrong, they may pretend to be strong even though they are hurting inside. Cannot admit they are vulnerable. May need time to fully acknowledge the break up and heal.

6 - Virgo - Cleaning as a Distraction

Cleaning/organizing. Since they are very pragmatic, they will distract themselves with practical tasks they enjoy.

7 - Libra - Void

Due to their desire for balance, Libras will try to find something to fill the hole. Depending on how deep or long the relationship was, Libras will need something of comparable attention and engagement to complete the now missing piece in their lives. Maybe like taking up cooking or rock climbing

8 - Scorpio - Fine Love Between Love and Hate

Grudge holder. Can be very resentful. If they have been wronged, they may even come back for revenge. Or at the very least, be spiteful.

9 - Sagittarius - Looking For A Rebound

Go for the quick rebound. Sagittarius knows nothing helps you get over an ex than to get a new lover immediately, even if it's just a fling. They move on to the next one quite fast.

10 - Capricorn - Becomes An Even Bigger Workaholic

Pours themselves into their work, since they were workaholics to begin with. And what better way to get over an ex than to get a promotion. Staying productive is key to getting over a break up.

11 - Aquarius - "Let's Be Friends"

Hate confrontation and break ups on bad terms. Will try to make it easy and smooth things out, then move on.

12 - Pisces - TLC ASAP

Since Pisces are used to be lavished with love, care, and attention, they have difficulty with break ups. They become very devastated and need TLC (tender love and care) from friends and family to help them through it.

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