13 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Went To UB


B-U-F-F-A-L-O, GO! clap clap clap

UB is that home away from home. This is the place where the phrase "Winter is Coming" really does apply...but that doesn't make it any less homey! If you're a student at UB, you will definitely relate to this list.

1. You Can Get to Any Building on North Without Setting Foot Outside


Top Secret Tunnels. Just kidding, they're not so top secret. But hey, they're super convenient for those horrible winter days when the wind could be blowing in your face and your pants could be soaked up to your knees. You can stay dry all day for class, oh yeah.

2. The Unreliable Stampede


The Stampede is ridiculously slow and untimely. The buses come either all at once or NOT AT ALL. The struggle to get to classes is real.

3. The Stampede on Thursday Nights Becomes the Party Bus


You already know that Thursday nights are reserved for the party bus. If you're on the bus down to South at around 10:00pm, be prepared to see fellow drunken classmates who are ready to party the night away.

4. Sizzles


Ever had those late night munchies? SIZZLES WAS AND STILL IS YOUR ANSWER. This little piece of heaven located conveniently near the dorms is open until 2:00am.

5. Our Hatred of The Geese Is Real


Those godforsaken creatures called geese make you cringe. When you see them, it's like they did a complete takeover of the campus. Not to mention they leave behind little brown surprises.

6. You're A Bull!


When students first come to UB, they get a huge kick out of our mascot! Wait until you hear this--Victor's name is actually a play on words! Can you guess it? C'mon. Think real hard....VICTOR-E BULL.

7. Oh, There's Another Bull...


There's always a picture or a statue of a bull somewhere. You can find them out in the open and in places you would not think of looking. Some bulls contain the signatures of an entire graduating class! If you're looking to get your artistic feel on it, you can even spray paint the bull just outside of Student Union however you like!

8. It's CAPEN Loop


Its official name might be Flint Loop, but no one ever calls it that. Capen makes way more sense than Flint.

9. Knox aka The DEAD Zone


There is practically little to no cell reception in any of the Knox classrooms... so you ACTUALLY have to pay attention in class... bummer but probably for the best, right?

10. SBI Free Movie Tickets


Every week, the SBI ticket office hands out free movie tickets. So if you see a ridiculously long line in front of SBI around 10am one day, then you already know it's for those free movie tickets.

11. Tim Hortons Is a Godsend


When you wake up for those early mornings and you need a little pick-me-up, Tim Hortons is the place to go. This Canadian brand holds a special place in our hearts. The line at the Student Union is always long but it's always worth getting that extra bit of caffeine or breakfast.

12. We are NOT Buffalo State


No, we are not Buffalo State. We are the University at Buffalo. We are two completely different schools. Don't get us two confused!

13. Oozefest


Who said that getting dirty can't be fun? Oozefest is held every spring and brings together more than 1,500 players, volunteers, and spectators for one large mud volleyball tournaments. It's one of UB's most popular traditions that occur with our very own Mud Pit on St. Rita's Lane on North Campus.

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