Quiz: Do You Know Enough Survival Tips to Last a Week in the Wild?

Know what to do when you see a bear? Then it's time to take the quiz!

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 Jun 19, 2018
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What is the correct attitude to have when alone in the wild?
Calm so you have sound judgment
Aggressive so you don't become a target
Nervous so you notice every detail

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When staying outside for a prolonged period of time in the cold, what is your top priority?
Finding water
Finding food
Staying warm

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Which of these is NOT needed if you're going to start your own fire?
A match

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Which of these is a mistake when it comes to building your own shelter?
Making it between two trees
Making it at the bottom of a hill
Making it on damp ground

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Through what part of the body is most of the body's heat lost?

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Is it better to drink from a flowing stream or from a stagnant pool of water?
It makes no difference
Stagnant pool
Flowing stream

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Which of these must you do if you are bitten by a wild animal?
Collect the venom of the animal that bit you
Wash the wound
Sew up the wound

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On what side of a standard tree trunk is moss usually found?

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Why should you never prepare an animal for cooking in the same place you're camping?
The smell will make you feel sick
That can attract other wild animals
It will make it more difficult for rescue teams to find you

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Which of these is NOT a characteristic of poisonous plants and flowers?
Colorful petals
Bitter taste
Thorns or spikes

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The presence of a hive of bees usually means that there is water nearby. True or false?

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How many days on average can a human survive without water?

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How many days on average can a human survive without food?

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When camping, it's a good idea to travel through the woods at night. True or false?

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Why shouldn't a person climb into a tree and sleep there if lost in the wilderness?
They could fall in their sleep
They'll bother the creatures in the tree
The tree will eventually collapse

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Which of these clothing items should you always carry in excess when camping?

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To prolong heat, what should a campfire be surrounded with?

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Washing with water that is dirty is better than using nothing. True or false?
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We’d all like to say that we’d be able to survive a week in the wilderness, but how many of us actually can? Those who venture into the wild without knowing what to do to keep themselves safe, or in the event of an emergency, can face serious consequences. If you’re wondering how much you know about surviving in the wild, take this quiz!