Sorry Millennials, Only Baby Boomers Will Be Able To Name All These Things

golden girls via Disney–ABC Domestic Television/ riverdale via Netflix

Millennials can try, but they might be disappointed!

Match up the pictures with the correct things they are in this baby boomers quiz to find out whether you can really call yourself a baby boomer!

 Jun 19, 2020

1 of 50Name this person!
Hilary Clinton
Lady Diana
Jackie Kennedy

2 of 50Name this movie!

Singin' in the Rain
The Wizard of Oz
Rear Window

3 of 50Name this TV show!

I Love Lucy
The Honeymooners
Leave It To Beaver

4 of 50Name this person!
Clark Gable
Paul Newman
Humphrey Bogart

5 of 50Name this food!
Chicken tetrazzini
Sausage tetrazzini
Squid tetrazzini

6 of 50Name this character!

7 of 50Name this person!
Richard Harris
Marlon Brando
Frank Sinatra

8 of 50Name this TV show!
Get Smart
Perry Mason

9 of 50Name this movie!
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Sleeping Beauty

10 of 50Name this food!
Chicken tetrazzini
Chicken cheese
Chicken a la king

11 of 50Name this person!
George Harrison
Ringo Starr
John Lennon

12 of 50Name this movie!

Paramount Pictures
North by Northwest
Rear Window

13 of 50Name this TV show!
Leave It to Beaver
Perry Mason

14 of 50Name this person!
Judy Garland
Shirley Temple
Adriana Caselotti

15 of 50Name this food!
Creamed pork belly
Creamed chipped beef
Creamed seafood

16 of 50Name this toy!
Fisher Price Little People
Fisher Price Town People
Fisher Price Bus People

17 of 50Name this person!
Bing Crosby
Cary Grant
Frank Sinatra

18 of 50Name this TV show!
The Addams Family
The Brady Bunch
My Three Sons

19 of 50Name this movie!
Gone with the Wind
The Sound of Music
Mary Poppins

20 of 50Name this food!
Chiffon cake
Upside down pineapple cake
Coconut cake

21 of 50Name this person!

Audrey Hepburn
Katharine Hepburn
Elizabeth Taylor

22 of 50Name this movie!
The Searchers
All About Eve
Rebel Without a Cause

23 of 50Name this TV show!

The Flintstones
The Jetsons
The Looney Tunes

24 of 50Name this person!
Roy Orbison
Johnny Cash
Elvis Presley

25 of 50Name this food!
Lamb noodle casserole
Chicken noodle casserole
Tuna noodle casserole

26 of 50Name this TV show!
The Jetsons
The Flintstones
The Looney Tunes

27 of 50Name this person!

20th Century Fox
Bette Davis
Marlene Dietrich
Marilyn Monroe

28 of 50Name this TV show!
The Jackie Gleason Show
The Dick Van Dyke Show
The Andy Griffith Show

29 of 50Name this movie!
My Fair Lady
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Roman Holiday

30 of 50Name this food!
Sprouts casserole
Green bean casserole
Broccoli casserole

31 of 50Name this person!
Grace Kelly
Grace Jones
Elizabeth Taylor

32 of 50Name this movie!
Rebel Without a Cause
On the Waterfront

33 of 50Name this TV show!
I Dream of Jeannie
The Brady Bunch

34 of 50Name this person!
Kris Kristofferson
Waylon Jennings
Johnny Cash

35 of 50Name this food!
Stuffed celery
Cheesy celery
Cream greens

36 of 50Name this character!

37 of 50Name this person!
Cary Grant
Paul Newman
Humphrey Bogart

38 of 50Name this TV show!
Lost in Space
The Addams Family
The Munsters

39 of 50Name this movie!

Meet Me In St. Louis
The Wizard of Oz
Singin' in the Rain

40 of 50Name this food!
Ambrosia salad
Jell-o salad

41 of 50Name this person!
Elizabeth Taylor
Shirley Temple
Audrey Hepburn

42 of 50Name this movie!
Sunset Boulevard
A Streetcar Named Desire
Gone With the Wind

43 of 50Name this TV show!
Hogan's Heroes
Green Acres

44 of 50Name this person!
Jimmy Carter
Richard Nixon
Gerald Ford

45 of 50Name this food!
Icy ball

46 of 50Name this object!

Record player

47 of 50Name this person!
Katharine Hepburn
Grace Kelly
Bette Davis

48 of 50Name this TV show!
I Dream of Jeannie
Giligan's Island

49 of 50Name this movie!
Gone With the Wind
The Sound of Music
The Wizard of Oz

50 of 50Name this food!
Olive loaf
Roast beef sub
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