Quiz: Grew Up In A German Family? You'll Be Able To Answer These Questions.

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Can you make Oma proud?

German food, language, culture and customs are tested in this quiz to see how well you know your roots.

 May 21, 2017
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Oktoberfest is held in which city?
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Schnitzel is:
Smashed meat
A pie
A sausage
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How do you say grandpa in German?
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When do German children open Christmas presents?
New Years Eve
Christmas Morning
Christmas Eve
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Your parents couldn't serve you enough of what food?
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How do you say brother (singular) in German?
Die brüder
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The story of Struwwelpeter taught you what?
To not eat sugar
To cut your fingernails
To cut your hair
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On December 6th, what would you leave out to be filled with candy?
A stocking
Your shoes
A basket
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What does this phrase mean: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag
Congratulations to you!
Merry Christmas!
Have a good birthday!
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The one drink that always fixed everything in your house was...?
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What must you always wear in the house?
A cardigan
House shoes
Normal shoes
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What is a Schultüte?
A German outfit
A cone filled with goodies to celebrate starting school
A cone filled with coal when kids are naughty
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