Quiz: You'll Only Pass This Fantastical Quiz If You Love To LARP

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Werewolves? Vampires? Mermaids? If this sounds like heaven to you, you need to take this quiz!

Find out whether you were really meant to LARP by answering questions about fantastical beasts and universes like the Harry Potter world.

 Apr 26, 2018

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R2-D2 from Star Wars is considered a _____.

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The wise, silver-bearded man in Harry Potter is known as _____.
Obi-Wan Kenobi

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"May The Force Be With You." Which day is also known as Star Wars Day?
May 4th
September 1st
December 25

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What did the sphinx offer to anyone in its path?
A riddle
Magic potion
A gift

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Where is the Kraken said to live?
The mountains
The clouds
The ocean

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What was the first name of the founder of Gryffindor house in the Harry Potter world?

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Which of these symbols is associated with werewolves?
Black cat
Full moon
The number 13

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What is the male equivalent of a mermaid?

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A centaur is half man and half .................

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In the Twilight universe, what happens to vampires when they go in the sun?
They burn
They fall asleep
Their skin sparkles

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What kind of creature is Shelob in Middle Earth?
Giant spider
Three-headed dog

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Which of these creatures cannot fly?

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Harpies typically have ................

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What kind of instrument do satyrs usually play?

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What happens when one sets eyes on the gorgon Medusa?
They drop dead
They turn to stone
They burst into flames

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How are sirens said to lure in sailors?
With their voices
With their beauty
With sleeping pills

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What is the sigil of House Tyrell in Game of Thrones?

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How many eyes does a cyclops have?
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