Quiz: You'll Only Pass This Common Sense Test If You're A New Yorker

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So you think you're a New Yorker?

Find out if you're a true New Yorker by taking this quiz and showing off how strong your common sense would be in these New York situations.

 Jun 30, 2017
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You need to cross the road but a taxi is coming. What do you do?
Wait for it to pass
Run in front
Take another route
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When the subway doors open at the platform, what do you do first?
Wait for people to get off
Get on
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If a rent-stabilized apartment opens up and you’re interested, what do you do?
Look for something better
Take it after a few days
Take it immediately
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If you’re wearing stilettos and come to a sidewalk grate, what do you do?
Take off your shoes
Walk around it
Walk over it
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How many ways do you look when crossing a one-way street?
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You’re walking and the pedestrians around you are moving a lot faster. What do you do?
Speed up
Stop and ask people why they're moving so fast
Keep walking slowly
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You’ve just bought spicy curry and are taking the subway home. What do you do with the curry?
Eat it on the subway
Leave it in the bag until you get home
Eat it while you're walking home
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One $25 umbrella will outlast 5 $5 umbrellas. True or false?
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When sitting in the back of a cab, which side of the vehicle do you exit from?
The side closest to where you're going
The side with less traffic
The left side
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When leaving a restaurant on a snowy day, what should you do with the door?
Leave it open permanently
Hold it open for people behind you
Close it ASAP
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How do you get a cab?
Call one on the phone
Hail it! Wave an empty one over to the sidewalk where you are standing
Just hop in one when other people are getting in!
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A mariachi band begins playing on the subway, what do you do?
Wait quietly until its over
Take their guitars and smash them
Give them money to encourage them to play more!
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