Quiz: You'll Only Get 10/15 On This Quiz If You’ve Travelled To Thailand


How much do you know about Thailand?

Take this quiz to see how much you can really remember about the southeast Asian country of Thailand.

 Oct 01, 2017
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What continent is Thailand located in?
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What is the capital of Thailand?
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Name the currency used in Thailand?
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There are many temples in Thailand. What religion do they honor?
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What was the former name of Thailand?
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What is Laksa?
Spicy soup
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In Thailand, it is customary to keep your head lower than whom?
Those more important or older
Those with less money
Those younger
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Which of these countries do NOT border Thailand?
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What kind of cutlery is used for most dishes in Thailand?
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What is a common way to have ice-cream in Thailand?
With chocolate sauce
With bread
With nuts
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Which of these is found in Thailand?
World’s largest swimming pool
World’s largest mammal
World’s tallest hotel
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How old do you have to be to enter a club in Thailand?
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Why is Thailand called the Venice of the East?
It has lots of gelato
It has lots of art
It has lots of canals
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Which of these is illegal in Thailand?
Sleeping in past 11:00am
Leaving the house without underwear
Drinking at the age of 18
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Which of these ingredients is the most popular in Thailand?
Condensed milk
Goat’s milk
Almond milk
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