Quiz: You'll Only Fail This Manners Test If You Were Born In A Barn


How rude are you?

Find out if your manners are up to scratch with this quiz which tests basic etiquette and manners everyone should know!

 Dec 27, 2016
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Which word must always accompany a request?
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If two people are talking but you have something to say to one of them, when do you say it?
When it pops into your head
When they're finished talking
When one of them starts speaking quietly enough for you to talk over them
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If it is an emergency, what is the best thing to say?
Excuse me
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Which side of the side walk do gentleman use when accompanying a lady?
It doesn't matter
Side furthest from the street
Street side
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What should you do when you’re a dinner guest at someone’s home, and the meal is finished?
Leave the table while they clear your plates
Watch them clear your plates
Help bring the dishes to the sink
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Which two words must always be said when receiving something?
Thank you
Appreciate it
About time
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When it comes to parties, you should always strive to arrive…
Right on time
Fashionably late
Early as a bird
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At what point after knocking on a door should you enter the room?
As soon as you've finished, regardless of the response
While you're still knocking
When the person inside gives you permission
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What should you do with your hands when you cough?
Cover your mouth
Spread them in front of you to clear a path
Put them on your hips
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What must you always do after a performance, even if you didn’t enjoy it?
Sit silently
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