Quiz: You'll Only Ace This Hard Test If You're Obsessed With Dirty Dancing

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Don't be put in the corner.

Find out how well you remember Dirty Dancing by taking this quiz and answering questions about the plot and characters.

 Nov 07, 2017

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What is Frances's nickname?

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Name the resort where Baby's family stays.
Catskill Manor
Catskill Castle

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Is Baby older or younger than her sister?
They're twins

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At the beginning of the movie, what are her plans for the future?
To become a dancer
To become a lawyer
To enter the Peace Corps

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What relation is Neil to Max Kellerman, the resort proprietor?

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What does Baby's father do for a living?

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When Baby encounters Billy, what does she help him carry to the staff quarters?
Dancing shoes

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What is Johnny's dance partner called?

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How does Baby get the money to help Penny pay for her abortion?
She borrows it from her father
She dances for it
She steals it

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What dance does Johnny teach Baby?

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Who does Jake think got Penny pregnant?

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What does Lisa want to do at the end-of-season talent show?

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Vivian Pressman accuses Johnny of stealing something from her husband. What is it?
His wallet
HIs clothes
His passport

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Why does she falsely accuse him?
She really thinks he did it
She's jealous of him and Baby
She thinks he got Penny pregnant

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During his speech, whom or what does Johnny say has made him a better man?
His job
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