Wizard Of Oz Quiz: You'd Get 10/15 If You "Only Had A Brain"

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It's been well over half a century, but do you remember The Wizard of Oz?

Find out if you're a true Wizard of Oz fan by answering questions about this classic movie's plot and characters.

 Oct 30, 2017
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How does Miss Gulch first get to the farm?
She walks
By train
On a bike
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Why does Dorothy run away?
To find the wizard
To protect Toto
To look for adventure
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What room of the house does Dorothy wait out the tornado in?
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Who does Dorothy's house land on in Oz?
The Witch of the East
The Witch of the West
The Witch of the South
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What color is Glinda’s dress?
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Why can’t The Witch of the West kill Dorothy in Munchkin Land?
She’s mourning her sister
Her powers don’t work there
Dorothy runs away before she can get her
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Who says this line: “Some people without brains do an awful lot of talking.”
Tin Man
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Where do Dorothy and her friends meet the Cowardly Lion?
In the field of poppies
In the Emerald City
In the forest
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What do the poppies do to Dorothy and her friends?
Put them to sleep
Poison them
Make them cry
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Why is the horse in the Emerald City special?
It changes color
It can talk
It is huge
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What is the prominent color in the Emerald City?
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What color is the sand in the hour glass that Dorothy stares at in the castle?
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Who says this line: “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”
The Lion
The Wizard of Oz
The Tin Man
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What does Dorothy have to bring to the Wizard?
The broomstick of the witch
The ruby slippers
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How does Dorothy get back to Kansas?
Via tornado
She wakes up
She goes in the balloon
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