Quiz: You Probably Don't Know What These 22 Religious Words Mean

How religious are you? It's time to find out!

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 Mar 22, 2018
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Question: 1/22What does this word mean?

Adam, Eve, and God
The Old Testament and the New Testament combined
The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

Question: 2/22What does this word mean?

Sin can be forgiven by God
Going to church every Sunday
When someone is being baptized and is dunked under water

Question: 3/22What does this word mean?

Leader of the Protestant church
Leader of the Eastern Orthodox church
Leader of the Catholic church

Question: 4/22What does this word mean?

Refusing to accept anybody who isn't a Christian
Sharing the gospel with non-believers
Repenting for sins committed

Question: 5/22What does this word mean?

A prophet
A sinner
An archangel

Question: 6/22What does this word mean?

A song of worship
A chant dedicated to a saint
A declaration of love for God

Question: 7/22What does this word mean?

Christian dietary laws
Jewish dietary laws
Islamic dietary laws

Question: 8/22What does this word mean?

The end of the world
Condemned to punishment in the afterlife
Battle between good and evil

Question: 9/22What does this word mean?

Members of Christian church who are celibate
Members of Christian church who are women
Members of Christian church who are not ordained

Question: 10/22What does this word mean?

The birth of Jesus
The arrival of the Holy Spirit on earth
The crucifixion of Jesus

Question: 11/22What does this word mean?

Person who believes to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Person who is a Protestant
Person who is a born-again Christian

Question: 12/22What does this word mean?

A festival taking place in accordance with the liturgical calendar
A sermon
A congregation in a church

Question: 13/22What does this word mean?

The season of preparation after Easter
The season of preparation before Thanksgiving
The season of preparation before Christmas

Question: 14/22What does this word mean?

Belief there is only one God
Belief in the Holy Spirit
Belief that Jesus is the son of God

Question: 15/22What does this word mean?

A supernatural being considered holy
A religious symbol
A prayer in Eastern Christian denominations

Question: 16/22What does this word mean?

Someone who dies for a religious cause
A church member who never marries
A person who changes faiths

Question: 17/22What does this word mean?

Denying belief in God
Confirming belief in God
Not confirming nor denying belief in God

Question: 18/22What does this word mean?

40-day fasting period before Christmas
40-day fasting period before Easter
40-day fasting period after the Resurrection of Christ

Question: 19/22What does this word mean?

A preacher
Disciple of Jesus
Part of the Bible

Question: 20/22What does this word mean?

Senior member of the clergy
A pastor who is married
A priest who's just starting out

Question: 21/22What does this word mean?

Misinterpretation of the bible
Spreading the word of God
The banishment of an individual from a religious community

Question: 22/22What does this word mean?

The repenting of sinners
The punishment of evil
The final battle between good and evil
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