Quiz: Women.com Challenges YOU To Take The Southern Belle Challenge!


Are you a real Belle or a phony?

See if you're a real Southern Belle or not by answering questions about Southern culture and proper etiquette.

 Oct 07, 2017

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What do you do following a party?
Send a thank you note
Gossip about it
Complain about it to the host

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How do you interact with strangers you pass?
Smile or talk to them
Ignore them
Send them daggers

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Which of the following phrases do you always use when making a request?
Or else

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What do you expect gentlemen to do when you enter/leave the room?

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What is the correct way to address someone with respect?
Sir/ Madam

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Why do many Belles have two first names?
Because it sounds better
To honor both grandmothers
Because their parents couldn’t decide

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Where do you leave dirty silverware?
Across your plate
The edge of your plate
On your napkin

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Which of the following ingredients is found in a Vicksburg Tomato Sandwich?

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Where do you expect gentlemen to walk when accompanying you down the street?
Street side
Side furthest from the street
It doesn’t matter

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Where on the table is the bread plate placed?
Right of the dinner plate
Above the dinner plate
Left of the dinner plate

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What color should a Belle's bridesmaid's shoes NEVER be?

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How do you feel if someone calls your dress "tacky"?

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When are finger bowls served during a meal?
Before the appetizer
After the main course
After the appetizer

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When referring to your "roots", what are you talking about?
Your background
Your mistakes
Your hair

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What do you do if someone shows up to your party uninvited?
Make an example of them
Kick them out
Welcome them in
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