Quiz: Who Did These 22 Historical Things?


Can you identify all these historical figures from the things they did?

Prove that you're serious about your history passion by identifying these iconic historical figures based on the things they did.

 Dec 07, 2018

1 of 22Who Am I?

I made practicing Christianity legal in the Roman Empire, and some call me the first Christian Roman Emperor.

2 of 22Who Am I?

I "conquered" England in 1066 and, among other things, changed the future of the English language.
Joan of Arc
Genghis Khan
William the Conqueror

3 of 22Who Am I?

I led my tribe into Rome and some give me credit for destroying the Roman Empire.
Attila the Hun
King Henry Vlll

4 of 22Who Am I?

I helped Lewis and Clark on their expedition of the West.
Frederik the Great

5 of 22Who Am I?

I am considered the first Tsar of Russia and did a few awful things during my reign.
Ivan the Terrible
Catherine the Great
Grigori Rasputin

6 of 22Who Am I?

I was a famous Viking who was born in Iceland and was the first European to discover North America.
Cristopher Columbus
Erik the Red
Leif Erikson

7 of 22Who Am I?

I was the Prime Minister of Italy during WWII and headed the Fascist Regime.
Benito Mussolini
Pope Alexander VI
Amerigo Vespucci

8 of 22Who Am I?

I became an all-powerful Pharoah after my husband died. Though I was a woman, I wore a beard sometimes!

9 of 22Who Am I?

I married Prince Charles in 1981 and was known as the People's Princess.
Diana of Wales
Queen Victoria
Princess Margaret

10 of 22Who Am I?

I ruled the Aztec Emperor during the arrival of the Spanish led by Hernán Cortés.
Montezuma ll
Inca Roca
Manco Capac

11 of 22Who Am I?

I discovered radium with my husband, only to later die of radiation poisoning.
Marie Curie
Marie Antoinette
Maya Angelou

12 of 22Who Am I?

I was a Roman emperor who liked to kill Christians, and I supposedly twiddled my thumbs as Rome burned.
Julius Caesar
Marcus Aurelius

13 of 22Who Am I?

I was a key figure in the French Revolution and even became Emperor of the French.
Charles Baudelaire
Joan of Arc
Napoleon Bonaparte

14 of 22Who Am I?

I was a famous playwright who contributed around 1700 words to the English language.
Jane Austen
Charles Dickens
William Shakespeare

15 of 22Who Am I?

I discovered four of Jupiter's most famous moons and am remembered as a great astronomer.
Galileo Galilei
Nicolaus Copernicus

16 of 22Who Am I?

I was a German philosopher who challenged the foundations of Christianity.
Sigmund Freud
Isaac Newton
Friedrich Nietzsche

17 of 22Who Am I?

I was Dictator of the Soviet Union after taking part in the Russian Revolution.
Vladimir Lenin
Leon Trotsky
Josef Stalin

18 of 22Who Am I?

I was a queen who refused to marry and was the last Tudor.
Queen Elizabeth I
Queen Mary
Queen Victoria

19 of 22Who Am I?

I became king when my father died and conquered most of the world, including Asia Minor, Persia and Egypt.
Fredrick Barbarossa
Edward the Confessor
Alexander the Great

20 of 22Who Am I?

I was the principal author of the Declaration of Independence.
George Washington
John Adams
Thomas Jefferson

21 of 22Who Am I?

I wrote some of the most famous classical works ever, including The Iliad.

22 of 22Who Am I?

I was President of the United States and abolished slavery.
George Washington
Abraham Lincoln
Ulysses S. Grant
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