Quiz: What % Creative Are You?


Are you as creative as you think you are?

See if you're as creative as you think or whether you're more practical by answering these personality-based artistic questions.

 Feb 20, 2018

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How many nights a week do you cook for yourself?
Every night
2 - 5 nights

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If you got married, would you hire a planner?
Yes, but I'd want to put in my own ideas too
No way

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What can you be found doing on a Saturday night?
Listening to music or baking
Catching up with friends

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Do you prefer to give or receive presents?

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If you became famous, what would it be for?
Reality TV

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What is your go-to ice-cream flavor?
Chocolate mint
Strawberry cheesecake

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How would you describe your dress sense?

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Pick a flower!

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Which of these cities appeals to you the most?

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What was your favorite subject in school?
Math or science
Art or drama
English or history

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What do you do to express your anger?
Sleep it off
Scream into a pillow
Write, paint or play music

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Would you say you're a sensitive person?
Not at all
Yes, overly
Only as much as the next person

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If you could have any color hair, what would it be?
Jet black
Platinum blonde

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Which of these jobs appeals to you the most?
Interior decorator
Social worker

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What is your fear?
Being poor
Being criticized
Being bored
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