Quiz: We Will Tell You What Country Your Soul Is From By These 16 Questions

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Where are you really from?

Let us tell you what country your soul really comes from by answering these personality-based questions.

 Aug 20, 2017
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What is your favorite thing to do on a Saturday night?
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How do you feel about Valentine's Day?
It's a dumb holiday
I take it very seriously
Every day should be Valentine's Day
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Pick a protein!
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What color hair does your ideal partner have?
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Would you say you're close with your family?
They're basically my whole life
Not very
Reasonably close
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What kind of weather do you prefer?
Sun and heat
Cool and fresh
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If you had to pick a sport, what would it be?
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How would you describe yourself?
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What is the most intense food you've ever eaten?
Raw fish
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How would you describe your religious views?
I'm very traditional in my beliefs
I'm more spiritual than religious
I learned my beliefs from my family
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What would you love to see when you look out the window?
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Would you say you're an honest person?
Not really!
If it's easy to be, then yes
Always, without fail
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Can you handle spicy food?
I only like spicy food
I hate it!
I can handle it
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At a party, what can you always be found doing?
Drinking and laughing
Taking photos
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Pick a spirit animal!
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