Quiz: We Will Reveal Your Secret Psychic Power Based On These 16 Questions


What kind of power do you have within?

Take this quiz to find out which of the psychic powers you secretly possess by answering a range of personality questions.

 Aug 06, 2017
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What was your favorite part about school?
The chance to study lots of subjects
Playing with other children
The chance to be creative
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How do you cope with grief?
I surround myself with others
I try to focus on the positives
I'm all right with it--we all have to move on!
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Do you remember your dreams?
Only if they're really interesting
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How often do you lose things?
Not very often
All the time
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Would you consider yourself a lucky person?
Yes! I win all the time
I'm lucky considering all my blessings in life
Not really
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How often do the reactions of other people surprise you?
Never. I always know how they're going to react
Sometimes, though I'm rarely surprised
Most of the time
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How do you feel about open caskets at funerals?
I'm okay with them
They freak me out!
They make me a little uncomfortable
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What do you fear most?
Being blinded
The future
Going deaf
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What do people often compliment you on?
My courage
My understanding of their feelings
My accuracy
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Do you spend a lot of time daydreaming?
Not really
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Have you ever finished another person's sentence?
I do it all the time
A couple of times
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What would you do if you heard a voice in the middle of the night?
I would be very afraid
I would listen to what it has to say
I would assume it's someone I know in my bedroom
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Which of these words best describes you?
14 of 16Pick your answer!
Which of these skills are you the best at?
Hearing things
Seeing things
Reading things
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Have you ever used tarot cards?
Yes, I love them!
Once or twice
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Which psychic power would you like to have the most?
The ability to read people's minds
The ability to speak to the dead
The ability to see the future
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