Quiz: Can We Guess Your Level Of Education Based On The History You Know?


History buffs, it's your time to shine!

Find out what level of education you appear to have by taking this quiz and answering questions about different periods in history.

 Aug 06, 2017
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Who is Lee Harvey Oswald?
First man on the moon
JFK's assassinator
Inventor of the toilet
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What are the first words of the Constitution?
On this day
Four score and
We the People
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What was the name of the warriors who used to fight in the Ancient Roman coliseum?
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Which British king was known for divorcing or executing most of his wives?
Edward IV
Henry VIII
Louis VI
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What was the First World War refered to at the time?
World War 1
The Last War
The Great War
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____ is the only country so far to have used atomic bombs on an enemy target.
North Korea
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What is the name of the Greek god of the sea, worshipped by the Ancient Greeks?
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Which war was the bombing of Pearl Harbor associated with?
World War II
The Civil War
The Vietnam War
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What epidemic wiped out 30-60% of Europe in medieval times?
An earthquake
Mass crime
The Black Death Plague
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The 19th amendment guarantees:
Women the right to vote
Free trade
Freedom of press
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What area of the world did the Mayans originally inhabit?
Central America
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Which country was Josef Stalin the leader of?
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Which came first?
Iron Age
Stone Age
Bronze Age
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Which country is historically associated with being neutral?
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Which President is associated with having wooden teeth?
George Washington
Abraham Lincoln
John Adams
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During the years 1920-1933, ______ was banned in the U.S.
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