Quiz: We Can Guess Your Age Based On How Well You Know These 22 Songs


How many of these songs do you know?

We can guess your age based on how well you know the lyrics and titles to the most popular songs over the last 50 years.

 Aug 19, 2017
1 of 22Finish the lyrics to Freedom by Beyoncé feat. Kendrick Lamar!
I'mma keep running 'cause........
A winner don't quit on themselves
If I don't I'll fall behind
A winner runs all day
2 of 22Pick your answer!
Who sings this song: Livin' on a Prayer?
The Police
Bruce Springsteen
Bon Jovi
3 of 22What song are these lyrics from?
I fell for you like a child. Oh, and the fire went wild.
Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash
Firework by Katy Perry
All Fired Up by The Saturdays
4 of 22Pick your answer!
Who sings this song: Work From Home
The Spice Girls
Fifth Harmony
5 of 22Name this song!
She was more like a beauty queen from a movie scene.
Call Me by Blondie
Beat It By Michael Jackson
Billie Jean by Michael Jackson
6 of 22Finish the lyrics to London Calling by The Clash!
London calling to the faraway towns, now war is.......
Declared and battle come down
Declared and coming now
Here to stay
7 of 22Name this song!
You were Romeo, I was a scarlet letter.
Love Story by Taylor Swift
Blackbird by The Beatles
I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston
8 of 22Finish the lyrics to Tainted Love by Soft Cell!
The love we share seems to…..
Go somewhere
Go nowhere
Run out
9 of 22Pick your answer!
Who sings this song: God Save The Queen
Fleetwood Mac
Sex Pistols
10 of 22Finish the lyrics to Survivor by Destiny’s Child!
Thought I couldn’t breathe without ya……
I’m breathing
You were right
I’m inhaling
11 of 22Name this song!
I hear you call my name, and it feels like home.
Blue Monday by New Order
Don’t You by Simple Minds
Like a Prayer by Madonna
12 of 22Name this song!
Yes we're lovers, and that is that.
Heroes by David Bowie
Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin
Transmission by Joy Division
13 of 22Finish the lyrics to Firework by Katy Perry!
Do you ever feel like a plastic bag….
Drifting through the wind
Empty inside
So very paper thin
14 of 22Name this song!
We're going to parti', karamu', fiesta, forever.
Into the Groove by Madonna
Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper
All Night Long by Lionel Richie
15 of 22Pick your answer!
Who sings this song: I Feel Love
Bruce Springsteen
Donna Summer
16 of 22Pick your answer!
Who sings this song: Shout Out to My Ex
The Pussycat Dolls
Fifth Harmony
Little Mix
17 of 22Name this song!
Her hair is Harlow gold, her lips sweet surprise
Endless Love by Lionel Richie
Careless Whisper by George Michaels
Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes
18 of 22Finish the lyrics to Imagine by John Lennon!
Imagine there's no countries….
It is hard to do
You can do it now
It isn't hard to do
19 of 22Name this song!
I’m just a holy fool, oh, baby it’s so cruel.
Get Right by Jennifer Lopez
Judas by Lady Gaga
Video Phone by Beyoncé
20 of 22Finish the lyrics to Eye of the Tiger by Survivor!
Don't lose your grip on the…..
Dreams of the past
Dreams for the future
The past
21 of 22Pick your answer!
Who sings this song: Superstition
Michael Jackson
The Rolling Stones
Stevie Wonder
22 of 22Finish the lyrics to We Can’t Stop by Miley Cyrus!
We run things, things…..
Don’t run we
Are under control
Don’t run us
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