Quiz: We Can Guess What Percent Italian You Are Based On 16 Questions

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Are you a little Italian, or a lot Italian?

Let us guess exactly how Italian you are by answering these personality questions all Italians can relate to.

 Jul 26, 2017

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Where is your favorite place in Italy?
I've never been but hope to go some day!
A less-known city, like Prato
The town where my family is from

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What do you love most about being Italian?
I like having an Italian last name
The food
The culture and traditions

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Pick your favorite Italian food!

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How much Italian can you speak?
I can understand a few words
I don't speak any Italian
I'm fluent
I can speak enough to get by in Italy

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What are your religious beliefs?
Roman Catholic

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What annoys you most in the world?
Being hungry
I'm a pretty calm person

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How would you describe yourself?

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What is your biggest fear?
Embarrassing my family
Being annoying to other people
Going to hell after I die
Losing all my money

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Would you say you're superstitious?
A little

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How do you celebrate Christmas?
By going to church
With lots of family and food
I don't celebrate Christmas
By buying gifts

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Have you ever dated another Italian?
I only date Italians
Once or twice
Most of my partners have been Italian

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Is there anything you would change about being Italian?
I would maybe change the public transport in Italy
Not a thing!
I would change the levels of organized crime
There is a lot I would change

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Have you ever been to Italy?
I was born there
Many times

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Use one word to describe your family.

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What do you like to do in your spare time?
Play sport
Get extra work done
Cook and eat

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Which of these is the most important to you in life?
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