Quiz: Try Acing The Most Southern IQ Test Ever

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Lickety split!

Find out how much you really know about the South by taking this quiz and answering questions about Southern culture, slang and food.

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Southern culture is something to be proud of, and most Southerners are extremely proud of the culture they come from. They know all about the famous dishes of their states and cities, such as hush puppies, chow-chow, fried chicken, pecan pie, jambalaya, fried okra and fried green tomatoes, and know about all kinds of Southern slang, including words like piddlin', fixin' to, mind to, over yonder, cattywampus, coke, crawfish and phrases like "bless your heart" and "aren't you precious?" They also know the importance of using manners and referring to elders and strangers as ma'am and sir rather than their first names, and also using y'all instead of you all. To prove that you have a high Southern IQ, you're going to have to answer a series of Southern questions, including "Jambalaya has its roots in which cuisine?", "Where did Coca-cola originate from?", "What are you patting when you "slap your puppy"?", "What are biscuits traditionally made with?", "What state is famous for its derby?", "What makes up the filling of moon pies?", "What does "lickety split" mean?" and "Which state is famous for its peaches?". Knowing the answers to these questions shows that someone is not only truly Southern, but incredibly proud of their Southern culture, which is the most important thing of all! So how much do you know about Southern terminology and slang words? Do you know your way around a real Southern kitchen? Take this now quiz to find out just how Southern you really are!

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