Quiz: This U.S State Acronym Quiz Will Drive You Insane, It's So Difficult

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Do you know the abbreviation for each state in the United States? See if you can tell the difference between MT and MN with this quiz!

Take this quiz to see how well you can identify each state's acronym by choosing the correct one for each state.

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Calling all geography geniuses! We have a tricky quiz for you to ace! No globes, Google Maps, or GPS is allowed with this acronym quiz. If you're a student learning the 50 nifty United States, this quiz will help you learn. If you're a teacher looking for a fun activity for your class, we got you covered. This is the best quiz to test your knowledge about the States, their spelling, and how acronyms work. For some people the acronyms of the states are second nature and to some people, they have to learn more! If you want to test your knowledge, or better educate yourself, this quiz can be taken more than once and act as a study tool for people of all ages. From airports and maps to news articles, it's important to know what state is being talked about based on the acronym. Let's see if you have an abnormally high IQ by taking, and acing, this quiz! Geography is an important part of our day-to-day life and if you can ace this quiz you can probably ace anything! If you aren't from the United States, this is a great opportunity to learn about acronyms and how we refer to each state in short form. And if you don't know what an acronym is it's, an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word. Other popular acronyms include NASA, CIA, and FAQ. Knowing acronyms not only makes your life easier but it shortens your time in writing, speaking, and understanding certain terms and phrases. So what are you waiting for? Try to ace this quiz!

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