Quiz: This 15 Question Spooky Halloween Test Will Give You Goosebumps

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How much about Halloween do you really know? Are you really a true fan of this spooktacular holiday? Find out now!

Scare yourself with this creepy quiz about all things Halloween, including jack O'lanterns, witches and black cats.

 Oct 12, 2017
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Why are black cats considered unlucky?
They are associated with witches
They are carnivorous
They are usually aggressive
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What are dead souls said to do on Halloween?
Move on
Return to earth
Wander through purgatory
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Jack-O-Lanterns originated from...
American tradition
Celtic folktale
The Mayans
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Before pumpkins, what vegetable was used to make jack o’lanterns?
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Originally, why did Celtic people dress up on October 31st?
To avoid paying taxes
To commit crimes
To hide from ghosts and spirits
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The traditional Halloween color of black symbolizes what?
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Why is it bad luck to walk under a ladder?
Criminals were once hanged from ladders
The triangular shape is bad luck
It’s dangerous to walk under anything so unstable
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According to legend, what is the goal of goblins and fairies on Halloween?
To spread good luck
To carry off your soul
To cleanse the earth
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How many years’ bad luck is said to follow the breaking of a mirror?
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Why are owls a symbol of Halloween?
Owls are vicious and dangerous
Owls look spooky
Hearing an owl’s call supposedly means death is near
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Which of these numbers has NO evil, supernatural or unlucky associations?
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Name the country said to be the birthplace of Halloween.
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Which of these figures died on Halloween?
Ted Bundy
Harry Houdini
Jack the Ripper
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Which of the following animals is NOT a symbol of Halloween?
Black Cat
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What day follows Halloween?
Christmas Day
The Day of the Dead
All Saint’s Day
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