Quiz: These 15 Questions Will Determine Where You Fall On The Wiccan Scale

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Something Wicca this way comes... Are you a true Wiccan? Test your knowledge and find out now with this bewitching quiz!

Let's see how Wiccan you really are by answering these Wiccan questions in this personality-based quiz.

 Oct 06, 2017
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What is one of the most important beliefs Wiccans share?
Cursing people is a daily activity.
All spells have to rhyme.
Harm none.
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Most Wiccans don't believe in what Christian construct?
Jesus was a wise prophet.
The Devil
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What do the five points of a pentagram represent?
The number of deities that may or may not exist.
The five elements of Wicca: air, fire, earth, water, and spirit.
The horned God of lust.
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"Skyclad worship" is optional, but what does it mean?
Worshipping naked.
Wearing all black.
Hiding from the moon.
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Wicca is considered what?
A cult.
An earth-based religion.
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This city held the infamous 1692 witch trials.
Salem, Massachusetts
Peabody, Massachusetts
Salem, Oregon
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When is the "Feast of the Dead," often considered the new year?
December 25
October 31
February 14
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Why is Litha/Summer Solstice important to Wiccans?
Summer vacation starts.
It's the middle of the year.
It is the longest day of the year, with the shortest night.
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Are you required to join a coven?
Yes, membership fees are due yearly.
No, you can practice alone.
Yes, otherwise you are banned from practicing.
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Who are the three female figures in the Triple Goddess?
Horned God, Pan, Nymph
Maiden, Mother, Crone.
Before, During, After
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What is something a Wiccan would NEVER do?
Cast a circle of protection.
Sacrifice an animal.
Bind certain political leaders from causing harm.
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Why do Wiccans wear black?
It is a mixture of all the colors and possess all their energy.
So they can creep around at night.
It's slimming.
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True or false: All Wiccans are Pagans but not all Pagans are Wiccans.
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What do Neopagans call a commitment ceremony?
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Why would a Wiccan use a broom?
To "sweep out" negative energies before casting a circle.
The vacuum is broken.
To fly.
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