Quiz: There Are 5 Types Of People In The World. Which Are You?

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According to psychologists, you have to be one of them!

Find out whether you're conscientious extroverted, agreeable, open to experience or neurotic with this personality quiz.

 Aug 05, 2017
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When do you feel truly “alive”?
When I'm on time
When I try new things
When I'm talking to people
When someone tells me they love me
When people like me
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What mistake do you keep making again and again?
I let my emotions get the best of me
I work too much
I don't stand up for myself
I take too many risks
I'm too opinionated
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What’s the last adventure you went on?
I went to volunteer at a food bank
I went on a hiking trip because my friends were going
I went to a party alone
I went scuba diving and skydiving in the same week
I told someone I loved them...that was an adventure for me!
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What irrational fear do you have?
Being rejected
Being an inconvenience
Being late
Being stuck
Being boring
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What is one of your favorite smells?
A nice candle
Exotic flowers
Corked champagne
A new book that's just been opened
6 of 15Pick your answer!
What are you addicted to?
My friends
Sad movies
Planning and organizing
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What was the best compliment you’ve received?
That I was exciting
That I was competent
That I was funny
That I was nice
That I wasn't a terrible person!
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What’s the best way a person can spend their time?
Expressing their emotions
Bettering themselves and preparing for the future
Making friends
Making life easier for others
Trying new things
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Pick a city!
New York
Los Angeles
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What’s the best way to start the day?
Sorting out your problems so they don't plague you for the rest of the day
Eating a good breakfast
Talking to someone you love
Waking up early and getting organized so you don't have to rush
Doing something you've never done before
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How different was your life one year ago?
It was very similar if not exactly the same
Totally different, thank goodness!
It was mostly the same
Different, and I wish it would go back
Pretty different
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How do you relax after a hard day of work?
Chatting with friends and hopping on social media
Haha...I don't relax
Having a bath and a massage
Meeting up with my friends and family
Trying a meal at a new restaurant
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What’s your favorite genre of book or movie?
14 of 15Pick your answer!
What always makes your day better?
A compliment
Getting to try something new
Being around lots of people
No drama or fights
Being validated by others
15 of 15Pick your answer!
Are you usually early or late?
Either early or late, but never right on time
Exactly on time
Whatever I feel like on the day
Maybe a little late
Very, very early
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