Quiz: Only The Biggest Bing Crosby Fans Ace This White Christmas Test

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Can you make Bob and Phil proud?

Find out how well you really remember the classic film White Christmas starring Bing Crosby by answering these questions.

 Nov 29, 2017
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In the beginning, which of the following men has more credibility as an entertainer?
Bob Wallace
Frank Sinatra
Phil Davis
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Which war takes place in the background when Thomas Waverly farewells his men?
Vietnam War
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Freckle-faced Haynes is described as what?
The ugly boy
The elephant boy
The dog-faced boy
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Which of the following couples gets off to a better start?
Bill and Candy
Phil and Judy
Bob and Betty
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Why does Betty get angry with Bob?
He believes everyone in show business has an angle
He didn't like her brother
He didn't like her act
6 of 15Pick your answer!
Where are Judy and Betty headed to perform over the Holidays?
Pine Tree
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Why is General Waverly's lodge unsuccessful?
It's too far from the city
It's too expensive
There's no snow
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Why does Judy pressure Phil to announce a fake engagement?
To get Betty to settle down
To make Emma jealous
To get Bob to be nicer to Betty
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How does Phil stop the General from seeing the TV announcement about him?
He gives him sleeping pills
He gets him drunk
He fakes an injury
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Why does Bob invite all the veterans to Pine Tree?
To get advertising for Betty and Judy
To remind the General that he is important
To generate revenue for his show
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Why did Betty run to New York?
She thought Bob was using the General
She was angry at Judy
She realized she wasn't attracted to Bob
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Who is the first person to know that Betty has returned from the city?
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What does the division sing when they greet the General?
Count Your Blessings
The Old Man
Love, You Didn't Do Right by Me
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What remarkable event takes place that Christmas Eve?
The lodge turns into a booming business
Judy announces she's pregnant
Snow falls
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Finish this last line:"...May all your Christmases be........."
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