Quiz: Only Teachers Will Be Able To Pass This Slang Test On Their First Try


There are certain things you just only know if you're a teacher - amiright? This quiz is strictly a teacher thang! Show us your teacher stripes and ace this test!

Find out if you know as much teacher slang and jargon as you should by answering these slang-related questions!

 Oct 10, 2017
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What is an "Action Plan"?
List of punishments
Specific proposal to address problems or meet a goal
Sports lesson
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"Benchmarking" is the act of what??
Marking a student down unfairly
Something that happens in P.E.
The process for identifying standards to use
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What are "Class Exercises"?
Tests that go towards a student’s grade undertaken in class
Exercises to help make students get in shape
Learning exercises students complete in the classroom under supervision
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What is "Comprehension"?
The level of a student’s numeracy skills
An area of the classroom
The ability to find and construct meaning from texts
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What is the purpose of "Concept Maps"?
To help students organize information
To help students control their emotions
To help students spell better
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What is "E-Learning"?
Learning about words that start with the letter E
Learning that takes place in the morning
Learning activities based on any electronic format
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What is "Experiential Learning" based on?
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Find the best definition for "Summative Assessment":
Assessment for a grade
Assessment without the opportunity to study
Assessment to identify strengths and weaknesses
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What are "Graphemes"?
Puzzles done on a computer
Written letter or spelling patterns
Number patterns
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What does a "Grading Rubric" describe?
How students will be assessed
What the task of an assignment is
What grade the student received
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What does "Independent Reading" involve?
Students reading in pairs
Students reading with only a single teacher guiding them
Students reading without guidance
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When does the "Initiation Phase" of the lesson take place?
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What are "Objectives"?
The rules of the lesson
The mistakes students made during the lesson
The goals of the lesson
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"Open Book Examination" is what?
An examination completed in a book, not on a computer
An examination in which students are allowed to refer to resources
An examination where the student gets to choose their own questions
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A "Formative Assessment" is what kind of test?
An assessment without the opportunity to study
An assessment for a grade
An assessment used to identify weaknesses and strengths
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