Quiz: Only Someone From Latin America Can Get 10/15 On This Slang Test



See if you can ace this quiz by translating phrases from all over Latin America into English, and vice-versa.

 Oct 23, 2017

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What does this phrase mean: Comiendo moscas
Eating too much
Eating flies
Eating sweets only

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If something is "Guácala", what is it?

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To which of these situations would you respond with "¡Híjole!"
Your boss calling you into work
Your friend telling you she met Jon Bon Jovi
Your sister inviting you over for dinner

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What does this phrase mean: Buena onda
Good thinking
Bad vibes
Good vibes

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If somebody tells you "¡Pilas!", what are they really saying?
Take your time
Be careful
Hurry up

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Translate this phrase: ¿Qué onda!
How old are you?
What’s up?
What are you doing?

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What does this word mean: Chido

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What age group does a "Chava" fit into?

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Which of these words would you say when asking someone to repeat themselves?

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What does this word mean: Pibe

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How would you describe someone who's "Acorado"?

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Where do you wear your "Chompa"?
On your feet
On your body
On your head

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What does this word mean: Tombo
Police officer

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On which of these days are you most likely to have "Ratón"?
Sunday morning
Friday morning
Tuesday morning

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Where would you find "Chavos"?
The park
The cinema
The bank
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