Quiz: Only Intuitives Can Spot The Lie In These 16 Random Questions

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Can you spot the lie?

Prove that you're an intuitive being by taking this quiz and deciding which of the following facts are true, and which are a total lie!

 Aug 13, 2017
1 of 16Is this the truth or a lie?
When a male penguin loves a female, he searches the entire beach to find the perfect pebble to present to her.
Lie - females do that to males
Lie - only polar bears do this
2 of 16Is this the truth or a lie?
Your nose can remember 50,000 different scents.
Lie - we can actually remember 1 million scents
Lie - only male noses can remember that many.
3 of 16Is this the truth or a lie?
Adults have more tastebuds than children.
Lie - children have more than adults
Lie - we all have the same
4 of 16Is this the truth or a lie?
Only 2% of Earth population naturally has green eyes.
Lie - 20% of the population has green eyes
Lie - this is the statistic for blue eyes
5 of 16Is this the truth or a lie?
Vinegar is more acidic than lemons.
Lie - they're equally acidic
Lie - lemons are more acidic than vinegar
6 of 16Is this the truth or a lie?
Earth is bigger than Uranus.
Lie - Uranus is bigger than Earth
Lie - they're the same size
7 of 16Is this the truth or a lie?
Brown eyes are blue underneath, and you can actually get a surgery to turn brown eyes blue.
Lie - brown eyes are green underneath
Lie - you can't get surgery to change your eye color
8 of 16Is this the truth or a lie?
A dog’s sense of smell is stronger than an ant’s.
Lie - they're the same
Lie - an ant's is stronger than a dog's
9 of 16Is this the truth or a lie?
The Bermuda Triangle has as many ship and plane disappearances as any other region of the ocean.
Lie - the Bermuda Triangle has more disappearances
Lie - the Bermuda Triangle has less disappearances
10 of 16Is this the truth or a lie?
Dolphins recognize and admire themselves in mirrors.
Lie - sharks do this, not dolphins
Lie - dolphins recognize themselves, but they don't admire themselves
11 of 16Is this the truth or a lie?
Goldfish don’t have brains.
Lie - they aren't born with brains but develop them
Lie - they do have brains
12 of 16Is this the truth or a lie?
A bolt of lightning is 6 times hotter than the sun.
Lie - a bolt of lightning is 10 times hotter than the sun
Lie - the sun is hotter than a bolt of lightning
13 of 16Is this the truth or a lie?
Oranges contain more vitamin c than strawberries.
Lie - they have the same amount of vitamin c
Lie - strawberries have more vitamin c than oranges
14 of 16Is this the truth or a lie?
All pandas in the world are on loan from China.
Lie - no pandas are on loan
Lie - all pandas are on loan from India
15 of 16Is this the truth or a lie?
You weigh more when the moon is directly overhead.
Lie - you weigh less when the moon is overhead
Lie - the moon doesn't affect your weight
16 of 16Is this the truth or a lie?
When you blush, the lining of your stomach also turns red.
Lie - the lining of your stomach never changes color
Lie - the lining of your stomach turns blue
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