Quiz: Only Empaths Will Ace This Emotional IQ Test

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It's all about the Emotional Intelligence!

See how much of a true empath you really are by taking this quiz and answering questions that will reveal your emotional intelligence.

 May 02, 2018
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On a scale of 1-10, how good are you at judging characters?
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What do you do when you're feeling down?
I take a nap
I focus on the positive
I eat something
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Would you say you have an obsessive mind?
Sometimes I can get hung up on things
No, I never obsess over anything
Very much so, I often think about certain things over and over
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Do you make your own decisions most of the time?
I never do
I always do
I prefer others to make them for me
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Where do you want to be five years from now?
I can't think that far ahead
I want to be feeling happy
I want to be doing well in my career
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Do you express your opinion, even if others will disagree?
No, I wait until I'm around people who will agree with me
No, I'd rather just keep it to myself
Yes, they can deal with it
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How hard do you find it to motivate yourself to do things you don't find fun?
Reasonably hard
Not that hard at all, I'm very good at motivating myself
Very hard, why should I do boring things?
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Can you be civil with people you dislike?
Yes, I can be civil to anyone
To a degree
Not at all
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When do you feel good about something you've done?
When someone else praises it
When I think it's something to be proud of
When I've completed it
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Are you able to take your mind off things that are bothering you?
Not really
It depends how much it's bothering me
Yes, I can focus my attention elsewhere
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On a scale of 1-10, how stubborn are you?
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To what extent do you like to learn new things?
I hate learning new things
Learning new things is my favorite thing
Occasionally, it's okay to learn new things
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Are your thoughts more negative or positive?
They're mostly negative
They're split 50/50
I mostly think positive things
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Do you have any compulsive habits?
Yes, I do have a few
No, I stay away from compulsive habits
Only over-shopping
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Which of these are you the best at?
Listening to others and helping them with their problems
Talking about myself
Being honest, even when it's uncomfortable
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Do you often feel nervous about things you shouldn't?
Yes, I do often get anxious because I feel so many emotions
No, I never feel nervous
Sometimes I do get anxious
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Would you say you adjust your behavior based on whom you interact with?
To an extent
Yes, sometimes I ease into other behaviors to get along better
Never, I am always true to who I am
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What do you do when you want to talk about something personal with somebody?
I hope that they bring it up first
I ask questions indirectly
I just ask whatever it is that I want
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