Quiz: Only Bear Grylls Can Get 15/15 On This Survival Test. Can You?


Would you survive in the wild? It's time to find out!

Find out if you would survive or perish out in the wild by answering questions about survival techniques and crucial lifesaving knowledge.

 Apr 18, 2018

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Which of these is typically the most important to find when out in the wild?
Kindling for fire

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Which of these is NOT a sign of dehydration?
Extreme hunger

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Why is shelter important?
You need a place to hide from animals
Humans aren't designed to be exposed to extreme conditions
You'll be able to sleep better

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Which of these is fire NOT responsible for giving us?
Fresh air

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Being stuck in soaked clothing increases the risk of what?

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Which of these will help you send out a signal?
Contrasting with your environment
Camouflaging with your environment
Laying low

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Which of these is NOT a way of collecting water?
Digging for it
Burning leaves for it
Taking it from vegetation

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Which of these is the best way of purifying unclean water?
Boiling the water
Only drinking water that looks clear
Drinking only small gulps at a time

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Is it better to start a fire with dry or wet sticks?
Dry sticks
Wet sticks
It makes no difference

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Which of these is a sign of a poisonous plant?
Deep green leaves
Off-colored sap
Almond scent

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Why shouldn't you eat snow and ice?
It dehydrates you
It doesn't taste good
It's hard to gather

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What do swarming insects often indicate?
A tree is nearby
That water is nearby
A road

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Which of these is rope NOT usually used for?
Building shelter

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When should you put your finger in the trigger guard of a gun?
Whenever you're holding your gun
Only when you're about to shoot
When you're showing your gun to someone

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Which of these does NOT help you find your way home?
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