Quiz: Only An Anthropology Major Will Get Above 70% On This Culture Test

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How much do you really know about other people?

Find out how much you really know about culture by taking this quiz and answering questions about foreign cultures and customs.

 May 27, 2018
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Culture is an important subject for people to at least be aware of, if not to learn in depth. Understanding different cultures and recognizing and accepting the differences between the various cultures of the world paves the way for a future filled with tolerance and understanding rather than hate bred from miscommunication. Though it may not seem like a big deal, getting to know foreign customs, beliefs, foods, languages and traditions helps humans to understand other humans, even if those cultural elements are vastly different from what they already know and understand. Besides, getting to know about other cultures can be a lot of fun, and can teach you many things you didn't even know about your own culture, such as where certain words and foods that are already part of your life really come from! To find out how much you know about culture, take this exciting quiz! Some of the questions you'll find include "Which of these countries is NOT part of the United Kingdom?", "What number is seen as unlucky in many western countries?", "Espresso coffee originated from which country?", "Name the world's most populated country", "What must you first do before entering a home in Japan?", "A Moslem place of worship is called a what?", "Lollipops were invented in which country?", "The German Parliament is in which city?", "The word "guitar" originates from which language?", and "The word "guitar" originates from which language?" See how much you really know about foreign culture by taking this challenging quiz now!

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