Quiz: Only A Walking Dictionary Would Know The Meaning Of These 22 Words

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Think you're a walking dictionary? Prove it!

See if you're as intelligent and good with words as you think by giving definitions to notoriously difficult words like "irony" and "cumbersome".

 May 28, 2020

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An event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects
A joke told in front of an audience
Using sarcasm to make others laugh

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Having no particular interest or sympathy; unconcerned
Being opposed to something
Feeling strongly about something

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Unnoticeable and transparent
Large or heavy and therefore difficult to carry or use

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Noisy and disorderly
Being intoxicated
Breaking the law

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Question something that nobody else does
Oppose in public
Publicly recommend or support

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Steal something you don't possess
Yearn to possess
Pursue something

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Make a big sacrifice
Build something up from nothing
Search widely for food or provisions

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Something that does not work
Successful in producing a desired or intended result
Something that has a deal of influence

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A person who is accused of a crime
A person who gets paid to ask questions
A person who applies for a job or is nominated for election

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Ready to fight
Baring one's arms
Equipped with or carrying a firearm

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Lonely and isolated
Anxious or fearful

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Stated clearly and in detail
Something that is only implied
Something that is vague

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Suggest or hint

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Being considerate of others
Showing an excessive interest in oneself
Being especially forgetful

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An obstacle to overcome
An immoral or wicked personal characteristic
An advantage

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Feeling disorientated
Feeling sleepy
Causing nausea

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Not needed or useful
Causing harm
Being without substance

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The circumstances that form the setting for an event
The style something is said in
The audience an event attracts

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Long life

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An expression of shock
A cork used in the game of badminton
A drink consumed in many Asian countries
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