Quiz: Only A True Protestant Can Get 15/15 On This Test On The First Try


Calling all Protestants!

Take this quiz to see how much you know about being a Protestant, including the religion's beliefs and traditions.

 Sep 09, 2017

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Which religion is Protestantism a part of?

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Who started the Protestant Reformation?
Martin Luther
King Henry
Pope Francis

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What did the Protestant Reformation aim for?
To return Christianity to its original state
To earn more money from believers
To be stricter than Catholicism

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Which of the following is NOT a Protestant Church?
Greek Orthodoxy

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Whose authority do Protestants reject?
The saints
The pope

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How do Protestants believe salvation is achieved?
Doing charity work
Faith alone
Going to church

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What part of Christianity do Baptists reject?
Going to church
Infant baptism

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What do the words “sola fide” mean?
Faith alone
Church alone
Bible alone

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Who leads the Anglican Church?
Archbishop of Canterbury
The British Royal family
The pope

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What does “absolution” refer to?
The act of praying
The official forgiveness of sins
The taking of bread and wine

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When did the Protestant Movement begin?
16th century
12th century
18th century

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Where in the world did it originate from?
South America

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What is another name for Anglicanism?
The Church of Germany
The Church of the United Kingdom
The Church of England

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What is idolatry?
The worship of false idols
Disrespect towards members of the clergy
The breaking of sacred property

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What is the Lord’s Supper another word for?
Shrove Tuesday feast
The Eucharist
The Last Supper
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