Quiz: Only a True "Jaws" Fan Can Ace This 20 Question Ultimate Challenge


Dun dun.

Prove you're a real fan of the 1970s shark film Jaws by answering questions about the plot and characters.

 Oct 16, 2017

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Name the island where the shark attacks are taking place.
Amnesty Island
Amicable Island
Amity Island

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What is Police Chief Brody's first name?

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Why doesn't the mayor want to close the beaches following the first attack?
He’s sadistic
He thinks it will hurt the tourism sector
He doesn’t think a shark killed the girl

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How does the coroner claim the girl died?
Boating accident
Shark attack

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What is the name of the local professional shark hunter?

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What kind of shark do they first catch?
Tiger shark
Hammerhead shark
Great white shark

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What kind of shark do Quint and Hooper believe is the culprit?
Hammerhead shark
Tiger shark
Great white shark

8 of 20Pick your answer!

What holiday causes many tourists to arrive on the island?
Fourth of July

9 of 20Pick your answer!

Whose son goes into shock?

10 of 20Pick your answer!

Why does he go into shock?
He witnesses his dad dying
He witnesses a boating accident
He witnesses a shark attack

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Name Quint's boat.
The Whale
The Submarine
The Orca

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Which of these men does NOT board the boat to help catch the shark?

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Why can't they call the Coast Guard once they get in trouble on the Orca?
Quint smashes the radio
The shark knocks their radio into the water
Brody is on bad terms with the Coast Guard

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Why does Quint lure the shark to shore?
So he can suffocate it
So he can show Vaughn that it’s real
So he can catch it

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Why don't they make it to shore?
They lose one of their men
The shark beats them there
The engine gives up

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Who gets in the shark-proof cage?

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Why doesn't Hooper inject the shark?
The shark swims away too quickly
He drops the spear
The shark destroys the cage

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Which of the men does the shark eventually kill?

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What does Brody stuff into the shark's mouth?
A radio
The boat’s mast
A pressurized scuba tank

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How does he kill the shark?
By shooting it in the side
By exploding the tank in its mouth
By suffocating it
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