Quiz: How Much Do You Really Know About The Feminist Movement?

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So you think you're a feminist?

Take this quiz to see if you know as much about women's rights as you think you do by answering these questions about feminism.

 Mar 08, 2018
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How do feminists see men in relation to women?
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What is the name of famous illustration that symbolizes women in the workforce?
Rosie the Riveter
Rebecca the Riveter
Ruth the Riveter
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Name the first woman to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize:
Jill Addams
Jane Addams
Joan Addams
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Finish this quote by Cheris Kramarae “Feminism is the radical notion that women are ______”:
Better than men
Human beings
Equal to men
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Who of the following is NOT a major feminist theorist?
Bell Hooks
Martha Stewart
Judith Butler
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Which of the following countries has NEVER had a female head of state?
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Are American women more or less likely than American men to retire in poverty?
It's the same
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Which of the following types of literature was first published by a woman?
The novel
The play
The poem
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In which of the following countries are women NOT allowed to drive?
Saudi Arabia
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Which was the first US state to give women the right to vote?
New York
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In what century did the first female run for Presidency?
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Which of the following was NOT invented by a woman?
The telephone
Industrial lathes
Windshield wiper
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Besides Saudi Arabia, where are women still not allowed to vote?
Papua New Guinea
Vatican City
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In what decade was the birth control pill introduced?
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In the modern era, which was the first country to allow women the right to vote?
New Zealand
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