Quiz: Only A True Catholic Can Get 15/15 On The First Try


Calling all Catholics!

Take this quiz to see if you know as much about being Catholic as you should by answering these questions.

 Sep 16, 2017
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What is the name of the mother of Jesus?
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Which of these is NOT a holy sacrament?
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Where does the Pope live?
Vatican City
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What is a crucifix?
A section of the bible
A prayer
A cross symbolizing the one Jesus was nailed to
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What does the wine in church represent?
Blood of the people
Body of Jesus
Blood of Jesus
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What do you rub on your forehead before entering church?
Holy water
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Who was the father of Jesus?
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Is the story of Moses from the Old or New Testament?
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Where on the body are ashes put on Ash Wednesday?
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What does Palm Sunday commemorate?
Jesus’ death
Jesus’ birth
Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem
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What animal did Mary ride while pregnant with Jesus?
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How did Mary find out she was pregnant?
She felt sick
She noticed her stomach growing
The angel Gabriel told her
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What is idolatry?
Swearing in church
Worshipping a false idol
Lying to a priest
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On which of the following days are pancakes usually eaten?
Shrove Tuesday
Christmas Day
Good Friday
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What is the date of Christmas Eve?
December 26
December 24
December 25
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