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Calling all psychology majors!

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 May 28, 2018
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Which of these is an example of a placebo?
Refusing to partake in medical treatment
Not responding to medical treatment like chemotherapy
Feeling better within one minute of taking a painkiller

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The word "temperament" refers to what?
A person's character when they're happy
A person's character when they're sad
A person's usual mood

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Which of these words refers to memory loss?

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Panic attacks and anxiety attacks are the same thing. True or false?

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Which word describes the experience of thinking a new situation already occurred?
Deja vu

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Anxiety most usually takes place when thinking about what?
The past
The present
The future

Question: 7/18Pick your answer!

Is euphoria a positive or negative feeling?

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Which of these qualities marks a narcissist?
Compassion for animals
Obsessive self-love
Compassion for others

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What was Freud's first name?

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Which of these people sounds the most like an extrovert?
A woman who invites a close friend over because she's feeling lonely
A man who throws a huge party but regrets it because he feels overwhelmed
A man who throws a huge party and has the time of his life

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Where is the amygdala?

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Which of these is an symptom of schizophrenia?
A state of calm
Distortions of reality
Lack of appetite

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Which of these is the closest to an example of altruism?
Staying late at work to comfort a crying colleague
Staying late at work to comfort a crying colleague who will drive you home
Staying late at work to comfort a crying colleague because you made her cry

Question: 14/18Pick your answer!

What is a phobia?
A failure to feel afraid in a dangerous situation
An anxiety disorder characterized by irrational fear
A lack of emotion

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The nature versus nurture debate refers to what?
Whether normal development or abnormal behavior are more important
Whether genetics matter more than environmental influences
Whether development happens in stages or is a smoother process

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Psychology is the study of the mind and what?

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What is the main difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist?
There is no difference
A psychiatrist is a classified medical doctor
A psychologist doesn't attend college

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Russian psychologist Ivan Pavlov is most famous for conducting experiments using what animals?
Mice | Quiz Facts

The study of psychology, that of the human mind and its behavior, provides the foundation for many other useful subjects. There are several major branches of psychology, and these include clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, animal psychology, developmental psychology, evolutionary psychology, forensic psychology, health psychology, neuropsychology, occupational psychology, and social psychology. Though being a clinical psychologist is an aim for many people studying psychology, there are a number of jobs one can obtain through studying psychology at college, including market researcher, career counselor, advertising agent, case manager, child care worker, laboratory assistant, psychiatric technician, probation or parole officer, rehabilitation specialist, sales representative, social service specialist, teacher, or even writer. To find out how much you know about basic psychology, just take this fun and challenging quiz! By answering the questions, you'll find out how much you already know about basic psychology and how far you have to go if you’re considering a career in a psychology-related field.