Only a Psych Major Could Get Above 80% on This Psychology Quiz

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Calling all psychology majors!

Are you a psychology major? Prove that you know as much about psychology as you think you do with this quiz! Not everyone will do well, will you?

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The study of psychology, that of the human mind and its behavior, provides the foundation for many other useful subjects. There are several major branches of psychology, and these include clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, animal psychology, developmental psychology, evolutionary psychology, forensic psychology, health psychology, neuropsychology, occupational psychology, and social psychology. Though being a clinical psychologist is an aim for many people studying psychology, there are a number of jobs one can obtain through studying psychology at college, including market researcher, career counselor, advertising agent, case manager, child care worker, laboratory assistant, psychiatric technician, probation or parole officer, rehabilitation specialist, sales representative, social service specialist, teacher, or even writer. To find out how much you know about basic psychology, just take this fun and challenging quiz! By answering the questions, you'll find out how much you already know about basic psychology and how far you have to go if you're considering a career in a psychology-related field.

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