Quiz: Only A Jesus Scholar Will Be Able To Get Above 60% On This. Will You?

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Can you make Jesus proud?

Find out how much you really know about Jesus by answering the questions in this religious quiz about the Bible and Christianity.

 Apr 20, 2018

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Which season marks the 40 days before Easter?

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Where was Jesus born?
Abu Dhabi

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What is the first book of the Bible?

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How many people did Jesus Christ feed with five loaves of bread and two fish?

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The bread and wine of the Lord's Supper represent what?
Jesus' body and blood
Love and forgiveness
Life and death

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Who brought the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to Jesus?
Three wise men
Mary and Joseph

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Which angel told Mary she was pregnant?

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Which of these animals often represents Jesus in Christian symbolism?
A horse
A cat
A lamb

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Where did Jesus walk on water?
Sea of Galilee
Indian Ocean
Mediterranean Sea

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Approximately how old was Jesus when He died?

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What are the short stories Jesus taught that had moral lessons?
Tall tales

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Where does the Pope reside today?
Vatican City

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What town did Jesus grow up in?

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On what day was Jesus put to death?
Good Friday
Easter Sunday
Christmas Day

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What did Judas get in return for betraying Jesus?

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How many people were present at the Last Supper?

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What did Jesus' father Joseph work as?
A carpenter
A farmer
A miner

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Which day marks the birth of Jesus?
Christmas Day
Holy Thursday
Easter Sunday
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