Quiz: Only A Historical Scholar Will Get Above 60% On This Test

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Calling all history buffs!

Answer the exciting questions in this history quiz to find out whether you have what it takes to be a real history scholar one day! You never know!

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No matter how many changes there are to the world, it seems that the study of history will always continue. Society understands the importance of remembering the past and using it to understand the present, as well as the role history can play in helping students to embrace the differences between themselves and others, and learn to embrace other cultures. Though hundreds (if not thousands) of years have passed since some of the most influential, key events in history, they are still taught and discussed today in an effort to better understand human nature and the foundations of the present society. Some of the key historical events which have had considerable influence over the world include World Wars One and Two, the settlement of the United States, the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, the Cold War and the removal of the Berlin Wall, in addition to many other events. To find out how much you know about history, simply take this quiz!

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