Quiz: Only A Hardcore Disney Fan Can Ace This Beauty & The Beast Quiz

Disney Quiz
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Is Belle your favorite Disney Princess? Test your knowledge of the tale as old as time with this Beauty & the Beast quiz to see if you're the ultimate fan — or give yourself an excuse to rewatch the Disney classic.

Find out if you're as big a fan of Beauty & the Beast as you think you are by answering questions about it.

 Jan 16, 2021

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Where is Belle's village?

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What does the enchantress disguise herself as when she first meets the prince?
An old beggar
A doctor
A queen

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She gives him an enchanted ____ ?

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How long does the beast have to break the spell?
Until his 21st birthday
A week
A year

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What is the name of Belle's father?

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What does Belle's father do?
He bakes bread for the town
He's a decorated soldier
He's a kooky inventor

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Which of these does Belle love the most?

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Beauty and the Beast via Buena Vista Distribution
What does Gaston do?
He sells books at a small store
He's an arrogant hunter
He's the mayor of the town

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What kind of animal is Phillipe?

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What object does Cogsworth turn into?

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Disney Quiz
via Walt Disney Studios
What part of Beast's castle is forbidden?
The attic
The basement
West Wing

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Belle was surrounded by what animal before Beast saved her in the forest?

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Where does Gaston want to take Maurice?
Out of the country
To an insane asylum
To prison

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Where does Gaston stab Beast?
The chest
The leg
The back

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Which form does Beast take as he comes back to life?

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What is the beast's name?
Prince Ronald
Prince Adam
Prince Eric
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