Quiz: Only A Genius Can Get 100% On This Science Fair Quiz


Can you remember your science fair days?

Answer the questions about a range of scientific topics, including space, the human body, light and speed.

 Nov 11, 2016
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Name the hottest planet in our solar system.
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Around how many times does a human heart beat per day?
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What causes high and low tides?
The earth's location
The temperature of the water
The sun and the moon's gravity
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Humans have unique tongue prints. True or false?
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What is the first element on the periodic table?
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How long does food take to pass through the small intestine?
12 hours
6-8 hours
1 hour
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Does water mostly expand or contract when heated?
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How many seconds does light take to get from the earth to the moon?
5 seconds
1 minute
1.3 seconds
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How deep into the ocean does sunlight travel?
About 260 feet
About 20 feet
About 2,000 feet
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Which of the following is NOT a unit of time?
A microsecond
A tinysecond
A nanosecond
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