Quiz: Only A Filmmaker Will Know The Meaning Of These 16 Production Words

Do you know the difference between a spoof and a parody?

 Dec 07, 2018
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Question: 1/18What does this word mean?

A motion picture with an unknown cast
A motion picture intended to offend
A comedic tribute to a past work

Question: 2/18What does this word mean?

A movie starring B-grade actors
A motion picture made for television
A movie that wasn't popular enough to last in the cinema

Question: 3/18What does this word mean?

To over-edit a film
To change a film's name at the last minute
To screen or show a film

Question: 4/18What does this word mean?

Capsule review
A review by an anonymous critic
A short movie review
A review focusing only on the acting

Question: 5/18What does this word mean?

Ad lib
A line of dialogue that's been improvised
A movie that flops at the box office
A character based on a real figure

Question: 6/18What does this word mean?

Library shot
A shot of a library
An imaginative piece of footage
A stock shot

Question: 7/18What does this word mean?

Hiring cast members according to what the author of the novel wanted
Making a novel from a film or screenplay
Adapting a novel into a screenplay

Question: 8/18What does this word mean?

The setting of a movie
The twist of the movie
The main idea of a movie

Question: 9/18What does this word mean?

Running time
Count of the number of actors on set
Measure of the duration or length of a film
Time allocated to rehearsing a project

Question: 10/18What does this word mean?

The items handled by the actors
The outdoor background in a set
The mood of a film

Question: 11/18What does this word mean?

An actor's term for how long to wait before doing an action
A director's team for how long to wait before cutting
A director's team for how long to wait before saying "action".

Question: 12/18What does this word mean?

Performers in a film
Anybody who works on any part of a film
Those involved in the technical production of a film

Question: 13/18What does this word mean?

Term referring to the design of a film
Term referring to the process of preparing a set
Term referring to the audition process

Question: 14/18What does this word mean?

Final cut
The screenplay before it is filmed
The film before it's been edited
The last edited version of a film

Question: 15/18What does this word mean?

The character who dies first in the film
The highest-paid actor
The main protagonist of the film

Question: 16/18What does this word mean?

Key grip
Someone who sets up lights
Someone who gets coffees
Someone who writes scripts

Question: 17/18What does this word mean?

Another term for actor
To start rolling the film
A main division within the plot of a film

Question: 18/18What does this word mean?

Someone who is not the hero of the film
The protagonist of the film
A part in the script where the hero abandons his task
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