Quiz: Only A Black Belt Can Ace This Karate Quiz. Can You?

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Are you a black belt or a white belt?

Find out if you know as much about karate as you think you do by answering questions about the famous martial art.

 Apr 01, 2020

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Karate originates from which country?

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Karate uses no weapons other than the body.

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What does karate start and end with?
A hug
A bow
A handshake

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What does the word "karate" mean in Japanese?
Empty hand
Large mind
Full hand

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Which of these refers to sparring?

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What is the most important skill?
Intimidating your opponent
Coordinating mind and body
Physical strength

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Which of these is the original karate style?
Okinawa style
Wado-Ryu style
Uechi-Ryu style

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What is a dojo?
The first level to be achieved in karate
A secret move
The place where you train

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While training, what color is the traditional karate uniform?

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The kiai is a loud yell made during explosive techniques.

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How many levels must a student accomplish before earning a black belt?

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What is the first colored belt a student receives?

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Is karate based on attacking or defending?

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What is a sensei?
A student
A beginner
A teacher or instructor

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Which of these is included in karate training?
Jumping rope

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Karate dates all the way back to the 17th century.

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Which color is NOT a level?

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What does "bushido" mean in Japanese?
The way of the samurai
The mind and spirit
The art of the fight
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