Quiz: Only 2% Of History Teachers Got At Least 10/18 On This History Test

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How much world history can you remember?

Prove that you know your history by answering questions about the ancient world, the middle ages and modern American history.

 Feb 17, 2018

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Which famous historical figure was Anne Boleyn married to?
Henry Vlll
Ronald Reagan
John Smith

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Which of these countries did Vikings NOT come from?

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The Viet Cong participated in which war?
The Cold War
The Civil War
The Vietnam War

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Constantine the Roman Emperor converted the empire to what religion?

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The explorer Marco Polo introduced Italians to ____ in the 14th century.

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The warrior Genghis Khan came from what country?

7 of 18Pick your answer!

How many original U.S. colonies were there?

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Ra, Osiris, and Horus were gods in which ancient culture?

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Which was the last US state to join the country?
New Mexico

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____ was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic.
Ingrid Bergman
Maya Angelou
Amelia Earhart

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Joan of Arc was burnt at the stake after fighting which nation?

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Anne Frank kept a diary during the ____.
Cold War
American Civil War

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Eva Braun was the wife of which infamous German dictator?
Pol Pot
Mao Zedong
Adolf Hitler

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Two philosophers from Ancient Greece were...
Plato and Socrates
Pam and Sebastian
Peter and Samuel

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Who painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling during the Renaissance period?
Thomas Edison
Leonardo DiCaprio

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The secret routes Harriet Tubman used to help free slaves before the American Civil War was called...
The Subway
The Underground Railroad
The Freedom Train

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The _______ was the largest ship afloat before it tragically hit an iceberg and sunk during its maiden voyage.
U.S.S. Constitution
HMS Victory

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Who was the first man to set foot on the moon?
Neil Armstrong
Napoleon Dynamite
Christopher Columbus
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