Quiz: Only 2% Of Americans Got At Least 10/20 On This USA Test

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Only real Americans will survive this quiz!

Find out if you know as much about America as you think you do by answering these questions about the country and its history.

 Apr 29, 2020

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How old do citizens have to be to vote for president?

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What ocean is on the West Coast of the United States?

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Which of these problems was one of the main causes of the Civil War?
Gender Inequality

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Who was the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence?
George Washington
John Hancock
Abraham Lincoln

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Which of these was NOT one of the original 13 states?

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What is the highest court in the United States?
District Court
Supreme Court
Circuit Court

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President Donald Trump is of what political party?

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Which of these is NOT a right of American citizens?
Freedom of speech
Freedom of assembly
The right to beak the law

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When reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, what/who is loyalty sworn to?
The U.S.A.
The President

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People were brought to America and sold as slaves. Where did they come from?

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Which of these is NOT a right in the Declaration of Independence?

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What is the 1st amendment?
Freedom of speech
Right to a fair trial
Right to bear arms

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T/F: Alexander Hamilton was an early American President.

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In what month does the federal election take place?

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Who signs bills to become laws?
The Cabinet
The Vice President
The President

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Name the country's most populous state:
New York

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How many stripes are on the American flag?

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Who was Commander in Chief during the American Revolution?
George Washington
Abraham Lincoln
Paul Revere

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In 1920, _______ were granted the right to vote in America.
African Americans
British people

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Which of these values does the US hold most strongly?
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